Timeshare vs. Peer-to-Peer Rentals: What’s the verdict?


    A recent popular trend has become share or peer-to-peer vacations – like Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway – where vacationers rent rooms or houses directly from homeowners.  For most families a vacation is a once-a-year event, where everything needs to go right to fully enjoy the relaxation a vacation provides.  Yet, people are still going on vacations that don’t fully meet their needs, even through these peer-to-peer services. While this type of vacation can work for some people, a …

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These are the 10 animals you must see on your next visit


We’re not sure how you can reduce an entire island’s worth of wildlife to a Top 10, but who are we to argue? If someone says these are the animals you must see on your next visit to Maui, and accepted the Herculean task of examining every species and subspecies from Upoa Point to Hana Bay in order to reach an informed conclusion, we won’t ask why not a single even-toed ungulate made the list. Please click on the graphic to …

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